Native Hemp Story

Established in 2019, we focused on Cannabis Hemp flower that looks good and tastes great. Over the years we tested many batches of flower in local farms in the Pacific North-West, through trial and error, we have put together the highest quality product for the world to try. Each batch is carefully examined through our 10-step quality checklist ensuring that we exceed all standards along with 3rd party testing.

 Native Naturals Hemp is a simple company. We provide transparency, accuracy and high-quality hemp in a convenient pack of filtered pre rolls. Our Hemp is a natural alternative to tobacco, at an affordable price. Providing many benefits through the long list of terpenes and cannabinoids, which can help maintain and promote a balanced lifestyle.

 Through the passing of the 2018 US Farm bill, hemp flower provided a unique opportunity to find a healthier alternative to Tobacco, which has riddled many Americans and those across the globe. Being amongst one of our top priorities we created a special blend of hemp in a filtered pre roll, that gives the feel and aesthetics of a cigarette but in a guilt free hemp version. Please enjoy!


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